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Web site design plays an important role in e-commerce and can substantially increase your sales. The web page design gives the first impression to the visitor about your website, so it is very important that it gives a positive image is created in the mind of the visitor. The placement of graphics and color schemes all comes in the web designing.

The principles of web designers are same as for design in general. The main essence is to put the pages together in an effective, aesthetic and appealing way. The primary task is to set the purpose of the web site. The purpose focus on what the site is offering and what the visitor will get. Second step it to target your audience. Audience is the people who are expected to visit your site. These people are visiting the site for a specific purpose which a web design company should keep in mind.

Designing a content rich site is not enough as it affects overall marketing and sales of the site. Design depends on individual taste and designing a website can be a real challenge for web designers. First of all choose a HTML editor, you will need a web design software called web editor. Avoid fanciful graphics, slow loading items and inaccurate spellings while designing. Generally the formats used for images are JPEG and GIF, as they load quicker. GIF used mainly for buttons. So try to make your page as fast downloading as possible.

Most overlooked aspect of the web design is web layout in which people mostly ignores the basic rules of web page design. Use layouts that expand and contract to fit browser window. Always keep the screen resolution in mind as majority of users have moved away from 640x480 resolution. One of the most common mistakes by amateurs is they slap the images into the page without giving it a proper thought. Balance the text and images on your page. A lot of images make a page hard to read.

The new sensation in ecommerce web site design these days is flash sites with macromedia enhancing its great features into flash. Flash sites provide a great platform of interaction with the visitor in form of creating eye catchy feedback forums and games. These interactions always attract audience to come back for another visit. Animations are an efficient way of conveying a message in an effective way. Along with these pros, the cons of flash sites are their loading time, site optimization and requirement of flash player to play.
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